Getting started

I think I figured this out. Our web designer who set this up for me gave me instructions. Naturally it was over my head. My biggest line is “I design Dresses, don’t make fun of me”. Hopefully this will become easier
This upcoming season my second granddaughter will be receiving When my first grandson received naturally he wore one of our suits. ( people might not realize we do suits but we do). Preparation were exciting (except when he fell after he received the Sacrament and got stitches on his head ). The party was the next day so there was a lot of conversation based on that episode. Basically he tripped on his own feet. It was crazy.
When his sister received three years later we had fun making centerpieces, and putting together the favors. It was a group effort. All this while we are in season so imagine how hectic it was. Designing her dress was not without issue. Danielle. My daughter as you know works with me basically since college. One can only imagine how many times we went over the design until we agreed.
Now we are getting ready for this next joyful event and I hope we can share ideas as we prepare for her day. Now let’s see if I know how to post this…….